Nourishing Connections

A community of food aware citizens coming together to inspire change in both our local and global communities.


We are often asked the Q: What the heck is FARMACIE? Short answer: We are a community of food aware citizens coming together to inspire change in both our local and global communities -- #NourishingConnections.

Now for the long answer: Our goal is to host workshops & long table community dinners that raise money for various local farms, start ups & charities. Our intrinsic goal is deeper than that. Connecting people over delicious food and drink is a simple recipe for a bigger conversation. We offer food as the grand connector and as global citizens we are all intertwined in its web, with this, FARMACIE encourages us all to take on a more active role in food economies. 

Today our current food systems are riddled with red tape. Instead of dwelling on the impact of this bureaucracy, we want to celebrate the progress that we have made on local and global levels to resolve food quality and inequality. FARMACIE, is a collective of like-minded people offering resources to promote awareness, individuals, organizations and businesses pursuing the same work in our own back yard. Vancouver is abundant with amazing leaders and lifestyle pioneers and it is our intention to build a community that is more than the sum of its parts and works together towards a common goal -- Building Strong, Healthy, Empowered Communities.

The FARMACIE FOODIE MANIFESTO is less about gluttony and over-indulgence (although we do dig a little luxury once and a while) but encompasses a deeper love, joy and appreciation for food and eating. It is about intuitive, not controlled eating; it promotes connecting to your food, its producer and how it feels in your body.

We want to drive a conversation that motivates individuals to ask:

  • what food am I putting into my body?
  • what is the impact of this food on my local environment and economy?
  • where does my food come from? is it from close to home? why is that important?
  • where do I purchase my food? why does this matter?
  • who produces my food? am I purchasing direct from the producer? what are their intentions?
  • who am I eating with? how do I feel about food while I eat?
  • why do I eat what I eat?
  • why isn't ‘good’ food a right for all people? 
  • what am I teaching my children about food?
  • what do I do with my food waste? how could I reduce?
  • what am I doing to help?

Taking the time to consider the questions above will hopefully help you better understand our mission. Above all, we want to leave you inspired so you can take this fire and incite the same passion in others.