Nourishing Connections

A community of food aware citizens coming together to inspire change in both our local and global communities.


MISSION  ||   To invigorate a conversation around informed choices.

VISION  ||   To act as a collective and inspire a shift in awareness, one that offers food as the grand connector.

WHAT WE DO  ||   We connect people over good food and good conversation. We curate our events, workshops & community dinners with a diverse mix of local businesses and entrepreneurs to support and promote them to our community. We donate time and event proceeds to a variety of organizations, charities and small business every year. 



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BRITNEY GILL | Creative Director  -- the vision

My love for clean, high quality, nutritious food led me to the University of British Columbia, where I set off in pursuit of a degree in dietetics. Here, my interest in the greater food system; one that is inclusive of community, local, seasonal and sustainable food choices, enticed me to switch gears. My science degree in Global Health & Nutrition from the Faculty of Land and Food Systems has taken me around the world and deepened my understanding of the impact our food choices have on ourselves, our environment and the broader world in which we live.

I which all people are able discover the healing power of 'good' food and reconnect to the people and the land from which it came. I believe this relationship will instil awareness and nurture a sense of personal responsibility; generating space to heal our food system.

What else am I up to? WELL, since I have been saturated in science for the last 6 years, my artistic side is taking over: Photography, graphic design, social media and branding!

You can find me…LEARNING, on the (yoga) mat, putting around the seawall, on pinterest, at a market or on my snowboard.

Shh, one of my worst habits is…multi-tasking.

In 10 years…I am meditating daily and growing 50% of my own food.


JENNIFER SAVORY | Community Guru -- the people

My love of education has had me in and out of various classrooms for the last twenty years of my life. Only recently have I learned that education can exist outside of a traditional curriculum. As a manager at lululemon athletica I am a student every day, constantly learning from my community and working to fulfill on my (big hairy audacious) goals. Creating a vision, establishing a goal and crushing it has landed me here, writing to you.

2 years ago Brit and I conceived an idea in which our beloved city of Vancouver played host to an epic dinner party, joining likeminded individuals over dynamic conversation, food and the promise to selflessly endorse something bigger then themselves.

I imagine1day…in which education is accessible to all. I believe that education is the foundation upon which great leaders are born.

What else am I up to? I have developed a passion for road biking, see you at the Gran Fondo finish line this September.

You can find me…peeling back the lid of my coffee mug to confirm that, yes, its in fact empty, again.

Shh, one of my worst habits is…falling asleep in public.

In 10 years…I'm enjoying our mountain view after a long day on the slopes.


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MARIKA RICHOZ | Resident chef extraordinaire

What are you personally bringing to the team...Resident Chef. I consult and am part of the creative process with recipes, food events and anything flavour related.

What do you do in your spare time...Eat!

Where are you usually found…In the kitchen...or doing yoga.

One of your worst habits…Not cleaning as I go when I am creating a new dish. I'm like a mad artist with paint tubes open all over the place and color on the walls. Disaster.

In 10 years…Collaborating with people I love and admire. Part of a Farmacie Empire. More of the same!

JESSICA ROBSON | Go getter + food service master

What are you personally bringing to the team... Communication mad-skills and some serious food service. 

What do you love to do in your spare time...I dabble in the world of handlettering and play with words on my blog. I can also be found cursing at both the treadmill and Vine St. during training runs in preparation for a year's worth of half-marathons.

Where are you usually found...a) in a coffee shop or b) outdoors. By the beach or in the woods. Eerie silence is my jam.

One your worst habits...leaving the longest voicemails known to mankind and not listening to the ones that jam my personal inbox. #ialwayscallback

In 10's a surprise, and it definitely involves people I love, words on pages and too many good times and smiles to count. Yeeeeew!

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What are you personally bringing to the team...I bring an unwavering grace under pressure, my aim is to coordinate the team and generate results together. I work with a smile; you can count on me to find the silver lining in any situation.

What do you love to do in your spare time...Anything active! My faves are: strapping on my rollerblades and zipping around the neighbourhood while chatting on the phone, biking the seawall, swimming in Kits Pool, laying out on the beach and dancing the night away.

Where are you usually found...If I’m not training for my next big race, you’ll find me relaxing with friends, wine glass in tow.

One of your worst habits...Saying yes…to everything.

In 10 years…I will be exactly where I should be.

ALIA BOSSIO | Décor, Ambiance + Smooth Operator

What you are personally bringing to the team...I bring a love for community, connection and finding new ways to share life’s special moments with the people in my life.

What do you do in your spare time...I am social media.

Where are you usually found…Chatting, all the time, with everyone…. almost always with a glass of wine in hand.

One of your worst habits…Adding a filter to the moment instead of living it.

In 10 years…I am travelling the world with my handsome hubby and adorable kiddies –supporting a live feed of our travels of course.



NICOLE MacDONALD | Fundraising babe

What are you personally bringing to the team...As one of the only Vancouver natives on our team coupled with my years of experience in the hospitality industry, I bring a longstanding connection to our city. This network has afforded me the opportunity to marry my love of meeting new people and discovering meaningful ways to give back.

What do you love to do in your spare time...Any spare second I get I’m hitting the mountains, the beach or anything outside. Aside from loving life and being married, I do what I can to make this world a better place.

Where are you usually found...supporting some sort of church function, on my bike jetting to another meeting or relaxing under the stars with my hubby.

One of your worst habits...Parking where ever is convenient but not necessarily allowed. #towingbills

In 10 years...I am picking tonight’s dinner from my garden and gettin’ after it in the kitchen, then sharing a laugh while BBQ’ing on my deck overlooking some sort of body of water, with the people who matter most to me. Very grateful for this life.



LAURA McDERMOTT | Logistics + Audio Visual

What you are personally bringing to the team...An eccentric sense of humor and a calming energy…no task is too big to manage or too small to laugh at. 

What do you love to do in your spare time...I pretend that I’m in a band even though i have no musical capabilities. 

Where are you usually found...Snuggling with my two year old…cat Clarence.

One of your worst habits...Reading text messages with questions and not responding with an answer to the actual question. Example:

Friend:  "Hey Laura what are you doing on Saturday?"

Me : "Hey, yes i had such a great weekend. How was yours?"

In 10 years...I will be watching the sunset on my patio with a classic glass of Sauvignon Blanc, reflecting upon how grateful I am… for the wine. 



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