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KINFOLK: Herbal Infusions Workshop

Thanks again to Victory Gardens, West Elm and Kinfolk for hosting an amazing event tonight. I am infused with inspiration after an enchanting evening of learning and sampling! 

The biggest takeaway: don't be intimidated by infusions! They are a simple way to add yummy botanical flavours to oil, honey, spirits and vinegar. 

Fave infusion combos from tonight: 

  • cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with oregano and chilies -- delish with pizza + pasta
  • honey with dried lemon peel -- add to tea or drizzle on cheese

Infusions I am inspired to create:

  • gin, lavender and cucumber -- great for a classier version of a friday night
  • masala chai infused honey: cardamom, dried ginger, fennel, cinnamon and cloves -- add a little punch to your traditional black tea and nut milk  

Thanks to Long Table Distillery for the tasty vodka infusion and Mellifera Bees for the delicious lemon peel infused urban honey parting gift. 

Ahhhh, the best moments in life should leave you steeped in ideas :)



The night as interpreted by my iphone: