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Community: Brew Creek Centre

Somewhere between Vancouver and Whistler, protected by dense forest and natural springs, you will find Brew Creek Centre, a space for reflection and dialogue. What differentiates it from many of its counterparts is its environmental ethos, a degree of social responsibility that is reflected in all site operations. This commitment is enhanced by the people who use the centre and such, Brew Creek often hosts wellness trainings and retreats.


This weekend I attended the ‘Renew and Shine Retreat” at Brew Creek Centre, a departure from all things familiar, Erin Anderson of Whistler’s White Gold Yoga and lululemon athletica’s Parker Pearson, offered a fusion of Baptiste style yoga and personal introspection. Although my learnings are wide ranging, two stand out in particular:

“Who you are on the mat is who you are in life.”

“What are you a YES for?”


I was free to answer these questions when I dropped my ego and fear of looking good. In this new space I was able to sink a little deeper into my poses and meet resistance head on. Push up against the lactic acid and chose it.

This weekend I chose the burn.

I am a YES for digging in and embodying the change I wish to see, be it in my own physical being or otherwise.

 - J