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THINGS WE ❥ : Vancouver Food Policy Meetings

What gets us pumped up?  FOOD POLICY!

Each month a group of passionate individuals linked to the Vancouver food system gather to form The Vancouver Food Policy Council Meetings. The VFPMs function as a bridge between citizens and civic officials, coming together to work on food policy initiatives that benefit all Vancouverites.

Pipe up and get involved tonight @ 6pm in the Town Hall Room at City Hall.

Tonights juicy topic: 

Advancing Food Policy Through Food Waste

Tara Moreau – Food Policy 101

Tara will lead us off with a primer on food policy. She’ll introduce some key terms, and discuss how policy change may happen. The information she provides will help to increase our understanding of food policy so we can better engage with change-making in a practical sense.

Katie Schilt – Food Waste Policy in Vancouver

 Katie has been the VFPC and SPEC Food Waste Policy Research Intern. She has completed an incredible amount of work this summer, and is very excited to present our research findings. There will also be some exciting outcomes and action steps to discuss.

Leah Toews – Policy Analysis 101

Leah is a graduate of the SFU Masters of Public Policy program. Leah will take us through the process of policy analysis using her thesis topic – Increasing Green Bin Program Participation in Multi-Family Residences.