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FARMACIE 2.0: Food Feature

We are nourished in our hearts and in our bellies. FARMACIE 2.0 was such a great success and we are so happy to have fed over 100 people this time around! There are some amazing details about our dinner that were too long to share at the event but now is the time!

First of all, we would like to shout out a HUGE thank you to both of our chefs, Trevor Bird of Fable Kitchen and Marika Richoz. Your food was the talk of the evening and our guests left with the tastiest of memories! We are so happy to support chefs in our city that are up to SO good. They were forced to be super resilient, having to adapt both to a small kitchen space as well as to last minute food donations -- they impressed, nonetheless, and even had some time to network after the food service! Love you guys :) 

Secondly, we would like to thank Spud + Sustainable Seas for their support at FARMACIE 2.0. Both of these local companies, reached out to us and we are so thankful they did. All of the produce served at our dinner was locally sourced and provided by Spud Urban Delivery, their community involvement has never ceased to impress and we can't wait to brainstorm on some more passion products together. Check out this blog post to learn more about their amazing programs.

sustainable seas logo.png

And then there was fish...Sustainable Seas is a fishing company four generations deep that practices sustainable harvesting techniques in the natural cold waters of British Columbia. Harvested personally by Sustainable Seas fishers, they select only the finest crab and fish sought after by epicureans in North America. 

What's amazing is that the fish that you consumed at FARMACIE 2.0, keta salmon fillets, is fully traceable through an Ecotrust program called ThisFish. Traceability is becoming a big trend in the way that we eat and we are happy to see this extend to food from our oceans. The future goal of their program is to provide traceability and education from sea to table, you can visit their website and input this catch code: t460467 to find out exactly where your fish came from on Friday -- Amazing!

Here is the full version of our Menu, can't wait to see you all at FARMACIE 3.0! Sign up here to stay posted (no spam included).

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