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Beyond Nourished Workshop

Last week we attended an awesome workshop put on by Rachelle Giardin of Beyond Nourished. She and her inspiring team of holistic nutrition angels guided us through a workshop centred around 'How to Gracefully Spring into Summer'. 

At FARMACIE, we are  driven by creating nutritious meals that not only taste amazing but satiate you in a holistic way. We are now convinced that a Vitamix + a heavy duty food processor are necessities in your health toolbox but that the most important commitment you can make to healthy eating is having a fully stocked pantry! Some essentials to always have on hand are: nutritional yeast, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, gluten free flour, coconut oil and cacao (for those ravenous chocolate cravings)!

The girls of Beyond Nourished  took us through a night of nutritious eating, recipe by recipe --- the experience was so tasty. Our favourite tip of the evening comes from Jen Northrup; she taught us that massaging your kale will break down the toughness and bitterness of the plant and make it easier to digest! AMEN! Learn more on massaging your kale here.

Luckily you will have the opportunity to learn some of these amazing recipes as well as Rachelle is about to take her company to another level! They are planning to create a DIY interactive web platform that allows you to curate YOUR very own recipe book! This will launch over the next few weeks so sign up for their newsletter for all BN notifications!