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FARMACIE 3.0 | The Mood Makers [THE CHEFS]


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When we first spotted Juno Kim on Instagram we were mesmerized by his beautiful creations; Juno Kim is a caterer and private chef who focuses on local and sustainable foods. Beginning as an academic, Juno's experience in a fashion boutique gave him a keen interest in entrepreneurship and developed his eye for aesthetics. As a social entrepreneur, he seeks opportunities to help others, but food has recently taken over his entrepreneurial focuses. He is now set on creating incredible culinary experiences for people, while challenging their preconceived notions regarding food. To do this, he draws up on his wide range of studies, and his previous experiences. Juno believes food is powerful, and can be used to make positive changes in our society through education and empowerment.

For more info on Juno visit: | Follow him on twitter + instagram

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All photos by: Luis Valdizon of When They Find Us