Nourishing Connections

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FARMACIE 4.0 | Breaking Bread with Terra Breads

It's THE reason people come together: to break bread. The foundation of how so many amazing meals start, the bread is the foundation - the base the rest of the meal builds on. 

Our friends at Terra Breads reached out to support FARMACIE 4.0 and to offer up the exact thing that we're coming together to do: to let us break their bread (and don't you worry - we've got butter for ya too).


Name: Terra Breads

They're in the business of 'sharing the common language of good food...within families, between friends and across communities'.

They're fit for FARMACIE because supporting others in the community is at the top of their 'To Do' list and authentic artisan baking (is your mouth watering?) is kind of their thing.

Nourishing connections happens naturally for them in their bakeries and cafes with a sweet staff that's engaging and welcoming and with the fact that Terra Breads is in the business of laying the foundation of a meal with beautiful breads (and tasty treats) that people come together over.

Guests at FARMACIE 4.0 can look forward to kicking off their meal with Terra Breads - and if you're looking to get in on the goods and can't make it to dinner, get some of their goods at one of their four bakery and cafe locations in Vancouver or find their goods in grocery stores around the city (the granola.....just get it).