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FARMACIE 4.0 | Chef Julia of Feisty Feast

Julia Khan Anselmo is the great mind behind Feisty Feast; A supper club celebrating and uniting creative, innovative and entrepreneurially spirited women. The intention? To celebrate and unite creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirited women. Britney Gill (FARMACIE co-founder) attended one of these amazing suppers and HAD to include Julia in on all of the FARMACIE FUN!


I'm in the business of: connecting Vancouver's feistiest females through food, atmosphere and great conversation.

I see food as the 'grand connector' because... As the Colombians like to say "barriga llena, corazon contento", or in other words "full belly, happy heart"

What drew you to contributing to the Farmacie 4.0 dinner? The idea of contributing to our community and environment through doing something I love.

Drop a hint: what can guests at the upcoming Farmacie dinner expect? I like to show people new things :)

photos | britney gill