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FARMACIE 4.0 | Serving Up Good Greens with Culver City Salads

More kale than you've ever dreamed of fitting into one take-away box. More colour than you would imagine being in one meal. Whole proteins, delicious dressings and all made with love and a little elbow grease. We're stoked to have the salad-crafting talent of Culver City Salads on deck to give Farmacie 4.0 guests their greens. 


Name: Culver City Salads (Christina and Sarah Culver)

They're in the business of consciously fuelling Vancouverites with healthy, delicious and insanely filling salads, baked goods and catered meals that are secretly excpetionally good for you.

Why they're fit for FARMACIE: every aspect of the Culver business is devoted and dedicated to changing the conversation about what eating to feed and fuel your body looks like. They're committed to sourcing as locally and organically as possible, understand that taste and flavour matter, are insanely creative and innovative in testing new recipes and always changing up their menu and are out to educate curious conscious eaters through workshops and other speaking opportunities. PLUS they've recently started the transition to making their food truck run on Solar Power and are committed to being zero waste and as energy as efficient as possible, leading the charge on new possibilities for how 'clean' food trucks can run here in VanCity.

They're pros at nourishing connections in how they make getting to know their regulars a priority, in how they show up at community events and farmer's markets throughout the year, and in how supportive they are of the food-loving community.

A hint about what to expect from the Culver City Salads crew at FARMACIE 4.0: a veggie-only spin on a favorite garlic-dressed, crouton paired salad. THINK: SEAser. 

Check out more about Culver City Salads on their website and see where they are and what they're creating by getting social with them.