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FARMACIE 4.0 | Crafting Cocktails with RISE

Drinks that do you good? Yes please.

We're excited to share that we've got an innovative treat for participants at the upcoming dinner - and something that's not only good to get the party started but that's also good for your gut - no joke. We've got the good people at RISE Kombucha joining us at 4.0 and bringing a tasty treat for guests.


Name: Paul (of RISE Kombucha)

I'm in the business of: depends who you're asking: some say kambochi, some say kamboocha. The odd time I'm told I'm in the kambootchka biz.

What drew you to the FARMACIE 4.0 dinner? The inspiring nature of the project. We share a similar vision. Awareness is a first small step, and I want to support the action oriented. Farmacie is doing important work, so is Skipper Otto's CSF. But really, the menu looks insane.

My work nourishes connections by multiplying communities (of bacteria and yeast....see what I did there?). With kombucha comes a million questions and a million conversations.

Drop a hint: what do you have in store for the guests at FARMACIE 4.0? Ever had a kombucha cocktail?

Check out more of what RISE gets up to and craft your own Kombucha Cocktails (responsibly, of course).