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FARMACIE 4.0 | Making Moving Memories - Hera Films

Poor quality VHS tapes - be gone! Videography has moved and evolved to a level where cinematic storytelling for 'home made memories' no longer means grainy pictures and garbled sound. There is true beauty in the craft of videography today and we are incredibly fortunate to have one insanely talented video crew bringing their skills and passion to this dinner.

Meet Hera Films: a multi-talented team specializing in film, photography and design. They have captured some incredible moments on film, have an inspired and inspiring potrfolio of photos and have a passion for storytelling that makes each encounter and experience come alive with love and laughter. We cannot WAIT to see what they capture from the 4.0 dinner so we can watch it over, and over, and over.....and over again.


Name: Hera Films

We are in the business of storytelling through cinematic films and stills that are unique to the lovers, friends and families that we share time with. Through our collective experience as artists and designers we embrace the beauty in everyday moments, and strive to bridge the gap between wedding work and other genres of film and photography. 

What drew you to the Farmacie 4.0 dinner? Farmacie brings people together with a sense of community and purpose, much like weddings do! We are also highly motivated by anything food related!

Our work nourishes connections by: allowing people to reflect upon and reconnect with events past. 

Drop a hint: what do you have in store for the guests at Farmacie 4.0? Bring your best laughs and dance moves, you might just make it in the video!

Check out a recent film that the Hera crew made of their off visit to an oyster farm off the coast of BC. Talk about taking the conversation to the seas! You can find more of their work online at