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Kinfolk Vancouver Brunch

Had an amazing time at the Kinfolk Brunch In Vancouver today. It was an amazing opportunity to eat great food and meet some of the most inspiring people of Vancouver. So nourished. :)

"Beneath the Surface is an intimate gathering at the beautiful Le Marche St. George. The events will celebrate the comfort of home and how Sundays should be spent. With a classic Sunday Roast and Afternoon Tea, the gatherings find inspiration in the creature comforts of a quiet day for catching up with friends before a new week begins. Designed and prepared by Here There, Victory Gardens and chef Annabelle Choi, Beneath the Surface will leave you restored and ready at the dawn of the coming week.

Sunday roast, a traditional British gathering and a humble Sunday must with mimosa in hand. Chef Annabelle Choi will be delivering a family style spread of roasted meat, herb infused root vegetables, a winter salad and a Sunday roast wouldn’t be complete without yorkshire pudding and gravy. "



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