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Chef Karen McCathy

We are excited to announce that we are working with Chef Karen McAthy once again for our next dinner! 

Chef, Karen McAthy is a born and bred west coaster from Alert Bay, who has worked in and around kitchens since 2000. Her interest in and passion for local food systems and growing food was well established in her previous post as executive chef of Graze Vegetarian (now closed), and continues in her current post as Executive Chef of Zend Conscious Lounge. With both parents coming from agricultural backgrounds, Karen grew up learning how to grow food, and this extended into a natural curiosity about the wild plants in the woods of her home island. A deep desire to learn and understand how things work has informed Karen’s pursuit of creating cultured and aged nut/plant based cheeses, and she gets to continue her love of fermentation and culturing in her Blue Heron Cheese project. Currently, she is finishing a book for New Society Publishers on the topic of plant­based cheese making. 

Karen can be contacted at, or via her website