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FARMACIE 6.0 | The Chefs || Alina Bobyleva + Scotia Corinne

We were over the moon to have Alina at out last dinner, Her and Scotia Corinne made the most unreal salad -- still salivating! 


Alina Bobyleva is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and a plant based chef at The Juice Truck where she is able to combine her two passions for food and holistic nutrition to create a balanced lifestyle. Alina graduated with Honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver. Prior to becoming a nutritionist Alina worked as a chef for 6 years in Hotel Industry. 


Scotia has been passionate about cooking from a very young age. She is a self taught vegan chef and has been working in the restaurant industry for over 5 years. She began building on her passion when she assisted in the grand opening of a cafe in Ottawa and curated their menu. Upon moving to Vancouver 2 years ago, she was exposed to a fresh scene of individuals who were truly passionate about the plant based lifestyle. Thus began her career at The Juice Truck. 

In her time there; she has curated seasonal menus, hosted pop up dining events and collaborated with other chefs. Scotia enjoys creating vegan dishes that will appeal to everyone while still being healthy and creative.She hopes to build on her knowledge of the plant based food industry and become more involved in local events.