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FARMACIE 7.0 || Details, Details, Details: Designing the Dinner

Hosting a Garden of Eden dinner means dialling in more than the plant-powered menu items to truly tell the story of the beauty of the woman we're dining in honour of. Meet our contributors who are helping us make this event as beautiful as it will be delicious.

A Fox In The Flowers

Erin Urton of A Fox in the Flowers is contributing her local, seasonal and wild floral eye to creating the essence of a true Garden of Eden at tonight's dinner. Erin believes in slow flowers as much as slow food, pairs the decadent with the obscure, and highlights the often unnoticed beauty of our backyards. She grows her blooms on a small plot in the Paradise Valley by Squamish. She's going to capture the fierceness and femininity of Eden - and we can't wait to see it come together. 

"I am a lifelong lover of the outdoors and as a former professional ecologist (I used to research wolves and bears and the ecosystems they live in), I naturally gravitated toward growing my own food and flowers. I drank the 'slow food' kool-aid a loooong time ago and feel lucky to have made the connection that healthy land means healthy inhabitants.

We have slow food, why not slow flowers? Through floral design, I aim to create breathtaking, moment-stopping beauty and showcase the botanicals right under our noses should we make the effort to get out, move around and notice. If every project I undertake involves a collection of delights from my garden, foragings from the nearby woods, and blooms some other local farm, I'm a happy girl - right on purpose. 

The little farming operation that supports my design is based on the SPINfarming model (small plot intensive farming). I grow on a small farm in the Paradise Valley near Squamish and use my own yard and the yard space of several gracious Squamish citizens who care about where flowers come from and want to support me. This has really shown me the power and importance of community."



Spread Love Events

Ever the generous supporter, we're so thankful to Spread Love Events and their willingness for us to raid their rental closet, The Collection Rentals so we can create a beautiful ambiance. Based out of Vancouver, BC, they travel globally sharing their madskills in event planning + design, full service wedding planning and wedding coordination with corporate clients and brides worldwide. They're a team of creative, passionate and insanely experienced pros, with huge hearts and a whole lot of love for community. Check out their Instagram profile to get glimpse of the beauty they're creating in the world. Their newly launched Collection Rentals,  a curated collection of decor and furniture rentals for stylish celebrations, will be up and running soon so that you can take a little bit of their magic and create your own epic event.






Lonsdale Event Rentals

Giving guests their physical seat at the table, and the table itself (among so much more), Lonsdale Event Rentals supports Farmacie by generously reducing our event costs so we can give so much more back to the people and programs these dinners serve. Down to the butter knives, they help us pull the dinner together. They're a community minded local business committed to quality and reliability, and continue to show up