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Fuelling the FARMACIE 7.0 Engine: Ed's Daily

Because people make these dinners go 'round, it comes as no surprise that it takes an army to make them happen. From stringing up our iconic lights, to laying down the family style service platters on the long table, we've got a crew of people working all day long to bring the vision of a meal rooted in creating community and connection to life. 

This time around, the amazing team at Ed's Daily has stepped up to fuel our team, donating our staff meals to the event. Again, every little bit of community love and contribution helps, and providing such a significant gift not only puts us further ahead in how we can in turn contribute to Thrive Alive, but is creating an exceptional experience for the people-power we're leaning into today.

Ed's Daily is a commissary in the Railtown neighbourhood of Vancouver that offers a daily rotating lunch menu, and has a booming corporate lunch catering business. Their multi-functional space is home to some of Vancouver's top culinary start ups, and hosts ktichen parties for up to 75 people. 

On top of being a fresh space for events and a lively space for a casual lunch, Ed's is committed to building community and fuelling the imaginations of the next generation, thanks to its ongoing involvement in Growing Chefs, an educational food program for Vancouver school children.



Keep up with them on Instagram and swing through for lunch when you're in the 'hood.