Nourishing Connections

A community of food aware citizens coming together to inspire change in both our local and global communities.

FARMACIE 7.0 || The Partnerships

Our dinners are memorable because of the people that show up for each event. The guests around the table, the volunteers that make the night a breeze, the vendors that offer up their goods and services.

And, when we step into in partnership for hosting a dinner with small businesses creating meaning and mindfulness in the Vancouver food, health, and well-being community, something shifts. There are three times the number of hearts behind the vision, three times the number of voices speaking to why we’re here, and three times the number of good vibes woven into the evening itself.

Our co-hosting partnerships for The Garden of Eden dinner are just that: small businesses with huge hearts creating an exponentially elevated experience and intention, fuelled by a love of educating on the power of plants, and a deep and dear connection to Eden herself.

Feed Life

Feed Life is making plant-based, holistic, healthy living easy and accessible. Originally founded by Colin Medhurst and Eden Elizabeth, the company began with a personal passion for cancer prevention and healing from cancer. With that original intent still at its core, the business has expanded to help anyone looking to make positive changes in their life to increase longevity and prevent disease.

Keeping the co-created vision and mission alive, Colin continues to inspire the community with insight, information and his complete passion around how vibrant health happens through nutrition, lifestyle, and mind-body connection. His courses and workshops combine ancient wisdom and modern science, and most importantly create access to a thriving life and lifestyle through what and how we fuel our bodies.


The Juice Truck

Vancouver’s original cold-pressed juice company, the Juice Truck was founded by Zach Berman and Ryan Slater in 2012 as, you guessed it, a mobile juice truck (they nail the simplicity thing like no one else). Dedicated to creating an accessible approach for Vancouverites to their best possible health, and sharing insight into the benefits of the vegetarian/vegan life for both humans and mama nature, Zach and Ryan worked with Eden in the early years of business to formulate their signature Juice Cleanses.

A true pillar of community, coming together with the Juice Truck was a move in the direction of love: love for plant-powered meals, conversation, celebration, and making memories with the people that make up this sweet part of the globe we call home.

Our people matter. Are partners are nothing short of inspiring. And the dinner’s going to be one to remember.