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FARMACIE 7.0 || The Purpose: Thrive Alive



We met Eden in 2014 - the year after our first Farmacie dinner. A beacon of light and pure love, we fell in love with her vision for a world fuelled by plant based nutrition, and the vibrancy of what living off the earth can create for an individual, and a community.

Founding Feed life with her husband Colin Medhurst, Eden’s mission to educate on the healing properties of plants and their power in cancer prevention and healing from cancer. A 2-time cancer survivor herself, her whole heart was in working to empower a positive conversation around holistic recipes and alternative prevention of and treatments for disease.

It was that part of her mission—empowerment and access to alternative healing—that inspired her work with Thrive Alive: an organization dedicated to helping people in need living in Canada have access to life-enhancing, life-saving cancer treatments that are not normally covered by government and health care plans.

With Eden’s passing in late 2015, we knew that celebrating her contribution to the Vancouver health and well-being community was an absolute must. And, that it would be a privilege to support the ongoing work of the foundation that supported her in her own cancer journey, and that she wholeheartedly supported as a Director.

The Garden of Eden dinner is dedicated to Eden Elizabeth, and all proceeds from the meal are going to Thrive Alive, in an effort to honour their work in the community of integrative cancer care and prevention, and support in furthering the lives they can touch and change. From alleviating individual financial burden of cancer care, to educating and creating awareness for the innovative, healthy and cost-effective treatments that are helping people every day, their work spans many touch points of integrative cancer care and addresses the needs of the physical body, immune system, mind, emotions and spirituality.

From Stephanie Lemmo, Co-Founder and CEO of Thrive Alive Foundation:

Eden Elizabeth was a dear friend of the organization and the Thrive Alive Foundation community – she was passionately involved in our fundraising events and contributed her experienced voice on our Board of Directors. She was a true gem, gracious and gentle in her demeanor, yet fiercely passionate about the transformational impact that nutrition and plant-based eating can have on one’s life. Her experiences with her cancer diagnoses always grounded our team, and her determination to inspire others fueled the work we do.  It was Eden’s dream to host a long-table, farm inspired dinner for Thrive Alive Foundation – and our incredibly generous partners at FARMACIE, the Juice Truck, and her husband Colin of Feed Life, are making this dream a reality.

Join us in the Garden of Eden. Get your seat at the table and help us make the biggest impact possible on a foundation dedicated to changing lives.