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FARMACIE 7.0 || The Chefs + Menu

If it’s not people or purpose that draw you to a table, it sure as heck is the food. And in the case of this Thursday’s dinner, it just happens that there’s a crew of passionate and insanely talented people who will be filling the bellies and hearts of everyone around the table.

We’re doing something daring, in the context of a Farmacie dinner, and going green: creating a plant-powered meal that’s meat-free. Aligning with Eden’s approach to creating vibrancy and vitality through things that grow from the ground, and with a line up of chefs curated by Colin Medhurst with Feed Life, we’ve got vegetarian and vegan talent coming out our eyeballs, set to fill the table with everything beautiful and delicious.

We’re thrilled to be breaking bread by none other than Chef Annabelle Choi. The night will kick off with Chef Todd Graham—founder of HandTaste Ferments—bringing a first course to set the dinner wheel in motion.

Chef Karen McAthy, seasoned chef and founder of Blue Heron Cheese Project has rallied Eden Chan who laid a helpful hand in planning the meal’s menu, and Emily Von Euw, author of ‘This Rawsome Vegan Life’, to help her execute the next two courses; a fresh palate cleansing salad followed by a soup course created by Karen and Eden published in the Feedlife cookbook.

Chefs Alina Bobyleva and Scotia Corinne from The Juice Truck are bringing an amuse bouche to the table to transition the meal into the sweeter side: dessert. It’s then over to Jamila Pomeroy—head baker/pastry chef of Edilble Flours—to land the meal with a dessert amuse and a dessert course to close the evening and end the meal with a touch of matcha.

We still have a few more finishing touches but here is the menu for our dinner on Thursday! Need tickets still? Grab them here!