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FARMACIE 7.0 || The Drinks

No Farmacie is complete without the one thing that makes the table sing: the drinks. Our partners who step up and bring the liquor, wine and beer experience to the dinner induce good vibes in each event, from the welcome cocktail to the last glass of wine.

Here’s who guests at the Garden of Eden will be raising a glass to:


A match made in local-loving heaven, Red Rooster has stepped up and sponsored the wine for the 7.0 dinner. Founded in 1990, Red Rooster has become known to produce some of the best wines BC has to offer, with fruit forward wines that bring out the very best features of the Okanagan. Their playful yet professional approach to the experience they create around wine, and their connection to creating honest and beautiful products lines Red Rooster up as a partner in crime we're proud to have.

We'll be pouring out intentionally paired wines for each course - and sharing the award winning wines that have put Red Rooster and the Naramata bench on the map.


Crafting cocktail experiences like no other, we're thrilled to have Design to Dine back for another dinner, pouring the welcome cocktails and setting the tone for the night ahead. They're beautifully creative, building eye popping displays and wildly skilled, mixing up vibrant drinks fuelled by passion and love for the craft. 

Design to Dine is passionate for sharing thoughtful food experiences with others. Simply providing catering services does not deliver the creativity and inspiration that Design to Dine and our clients seek. Design to Dine was created out of a need for servicing Food Entertainment to the Greater Vancouver Area. Through Food Entertainment, Design to Dine is reconnecting clients and their guests with food and highlighting the greatness of our clients’ events. 

Odd Society Spirits

Odd Society is a small-batch craft distillery in the heart of East Van.

Located on Powell Street in East Vancouver’s port district, Odd Society is dedicated to combining Old World distilling traditions with New World ingredients and ingenuity to create a family of spirits including whiskey, vodka and gin.


This is craft beer done right. From their tasting room to working with the community, to the team that makes the company tick, we love all the parts of Strangefellows Brewing. Their support for Farmacie at our last two dinners has made a huge impact, and the heart they work with makes us fall that much more in love with them each and every time we work together. Check out their tasting room next time you're in the neighbourhood.