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FARMACIE 4.0 | a Sneak Peek with Marika Richoz

She's back at it folks - our resident Chef, Marika Richoz, has been holed up in her sweet home nailing down the menu and getting into collaboration with our other guest chefs to bring you an unforgettable (and insanely delicious) meal this Saturday.

We caught up with Marika to share a couple thoughts on why she's so into food and what guests to Farmacie 4.0 can look forward to (read: get prepared to choose their outfits to include some form of spandex waisted garments) for this weekend's dinner.

Name: Marika Richoz

I'm in the business of: feeding people

I see food as the 'grand connector' because...we all love to eat! But seriously. It encapsulates so many things. Around food we share, we learn. Food is so sensual in the way that all your senses get turned on. There is a presence and focus when we eat together. It is an essential part of life that has been made into a great pleasure. And that is so damn fun! 

What drew you to contributing to the Farmacie 4.0 dinner? This one is hard to ansswer 'cause Im into every Farmacie dinner...BUT I am excited to cook in the amazing Union Wood Co space and support the Living Oceans Society.

Drop a hint: what can guests at the upcoming Farmacie dinner expect? One of my favourite desserts ever. I've been testing it all week and can't stop eating it and I hope everyone else will feel the same.

Get more of Marika's amazing meals by visiting her at The Birds Nest Dining - and check out her concoctions and musings on life in photos as @PaprikaMarika on Instagram.

photos | britney gill