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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Our upcoming dinner sold out in record time! We are so excited by the reception and warmth of our community! So much so that there will be some new FARMACIE events to be launched this year. Look out 2015! We are on to you! 

KINFOLK DINNER | #kinfolkgatherings2014

Another inspiring KINFOLK dinner in Vancouver with some amazing local partners!  

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FARMACIE 3.0 | The Partners [DECOR ]

What makes us come alive when planning these dinners is the community collaborations that happen! We are grateful for the 3 amazing companies that we teamed up for decor at FARMACIE 3.0. 


photo from:

photo from:


Woodlot Candles' origins are steeped in family tradition, Team Woodlot keeps future generations in mind. That's why each Team Woodlot candle is handmade with care using clean-burning, petroleum-free coconut wax. And why all our soaps are made in small batches with specially-selected local ingredients from our favourite places in Vancouver. 


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The Rogue Florist was born of a desire to see a change in Vancouver's floral scene. A wish to see local field flowers nestled naturally alongside interesting foliage, gathered perhaps from your own backyard. To replace imported tropicals with scented, seasonal, blooms and support local farmers instead of international shipping moguls. And there you have it.. 



Natural Eclectic is an amazing art salon/boutique in Vancouver that is an eclectic mix of evocative art, antiques, vintage finds & elegant objects for the home, all woven together with my signature palette of earth, sea & sky. The shop is run by owner Heather Ross: 

"One of my greatest pleasures as an artist is forging a connection with others through my work. Of course I love the creative process itself ~ the fluid act of painting, getting lost in the moment when taking photos, styling atmospheres of beauty, and carefully choosing words to convey a mood and a story...The most rewarding aspect of my work is when it touches, and evokes an emotion in another. Through this experience I find the true meaning in what I do, and feel my place and purpose on this earth."

FARMACIE 3.0 | The Partners [Beast & Brine]


It was originally their on point branding that attracted us to Beast & Brine, but it was their philosophy that kept us. Their goal to ensure the survival of artisanal processes is rare and noble in an environment of mass production and industrial farming.  Their focus on using only the best, most fresh, locally farmed ingredients is perfectly aligned with FARMACIE and we can't wait to taste their delicious product. 

"Our commitment to the highest quality and the lightest footprint comes not only from our pride in and love of what we do, but also from an honest hope that you will gain from our efforts an appreciation for the concept of wholesome food."

- Beast & Brine

FARMACIE 3.0 | The Partners [Graze Restaurant]


Next #MeatlessMonday you have to head over to Graze Vegetarian Restaurant on Fraser.

Graze embodies many of the same values as FARMACIE (check out our Manifesto). Their concept from the very start was to provide people of all eating preferences something that they can really fall in love with.  Whether you're a strict vegetarian who is starving for choice, a flexitarian who enjoys trying everything, or an omnivore who simply wants a familiar & satiating meal, Graze was created for you.  

Graze's all plant-based menu incorporates as many locally & organically produced ingredients as possible. They grow their own herbs & vegetables, collect rainwater for their garden, compost their kitchen waste, reduce/reuse/recycle everything we can, support ethical suppliers, reduce their power consumption, solar heat their hot water, etc. etc. They are exemplary green stewards and pioneers in the Vancouver restaurant scene. 

Graze - 3980 Fraser St., Vancouver, BC - 604.620.8822

FARMACIE 3.0 | The Mood Makers [THE CHEFS]


Juno Kim Catering-19.jpg

When we first spotted Juno Kim on Instagram we were mesmerized by his beautiful creations; Juno Kim is a caterer and private chef who focuses on local and sustainable foods. Beginning as an academic, Juno's experience in a fashion boutique gave him a keen interest in entrepreneurship and developed his eye for aesthetics. As a social entrepreneur, he seeks opportunities to help others, but food has recently taken over his entrepreneurial focuses. He is now set on creating incredible culinary experiences for people, while challenging their preconceived notions regarding food. To do this, he draws up on his wide range of studies, and his previous experiences. Juno believes food is powerful, and can be used to make positive changes in our society through education and empowerment.

For more info on Juno visit: | Follow him on twitter + instagram

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photo 2.JPG

All photos by: Luis Valdizon of When They Find Us

FARMACIE 3.0 | The Mood Makers [THE CHEFS]


The Nickersons-FARMACIE-0033.jpg

We are over the moon to have Marika Richoz as FARMACIE's resident chef! She is one of the most creative, talented people we know and we are sure her dishes will blow you away again, mmmmm...Apple Pear Galette (need we say more). 

Marika began her career as an (un-official) chef in her mom's kitchen at age 5; assisting in licking cookie dough laden egg beaters and helping pit cherries. After spending much of her 20's and early 30's behind a desk and throwing dinner parties on the weekend she got the idea to do it professionally after attending an underground restaurant in Buenos Aires. Since 2010 she has been hosting secret brunches/dinners and doing private and personal catering jobs. She has cooked in France, for celebrities, yoga retreats and even heli-skiing lodges! Her passion is creating new recipes and sharing them with everyone who likes to eat.

She is a gem both inside and outside of the kitchen! We love you girl!

Want to book Marika for a private dinner? 

FARMACIE 3.0 | The Mood Makers [PHOTOGRAPHY]

We are over the moon to announce that our photographer for FARMACIE 3.0 is Alana Paterson. Britney, FARMACIE's creative director, spotted this photo on pinterest and hunted Alana down because she was so inspired by the beauty it captured. 

Alana studied at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver B.C., as well as The Lesley University of Boston. She holds a BFA in photography. Her work has appeared in numerous international publications and works with several clients from North American and abroad. She has worked with some amazing clients such as: Brixton, Sitka, Victory Gardens, Lifetime Collective and Aritzia to name a few. 

Alana is unique; the reason why she loves photography so much is because she shoots film:  

"I love the challenge and the mystery and surprises with getting back rolls of film. I enjoy translating what I see into images for other people to read and enjoy." 

Alana has worked in small scale agricultural projects all of her adult life which is what convinced her to work with us; she is down to support these smaller grass roots projects because she sees their importance growing in the coming years.

To learn more about @alanapaterson and her work checkout:  |  tumblr  |  instagram 

Here are some of our fave Alana Paterson Originals : )


FARMACIE 3.0 | our charity partner: Fresh Roots

‘The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.’
– Alfred Austin

Some of the best ideas are bred from curiosity. When action is inspired by an ‘I wonder if...’ or a ‘What could happen if we...’ there seems to be a shift in the universe where things align to not only clearly answer that question, but also allow the space for those ideas to extrapolate and evolve into something truly great. So is the story of the curiosity of two East Vancouver residents and their backyard farm mission to discover how much food they could grow for their friends, families and neighbours. 

Fresh Roots 'Good Food' Market @ David Thompson Secondary  |    Photo:  Britney Gill Photography 

Fresh Roots 'Good Food' Market @ David Thompson Secondary  |  Photo: Britney Gill Photography 

Ilana Bower and Gray Oron—co-founders of Fresh Roots—wanted to challenge their urban agriculture skills and the growing conditions here in Vancouver. With a mission to feed their community in mind, they began to cultivate backyard gardens. One such garden bordered the school grounds of Queen Alexandra Elementary whose property played host to an untended, fallow garden in much need of some TLC. The initial project of getting into that one garden space on that singular school grounds has been the catalyst for massive changes in how farming, food systems and education are working here in the city.

So what makes Fresh Roots unique amidst a city of community gardens and farmers’ markets? It’s education and connection. The Schoolyard Garden program offers up a completely different aspect to urban agriculture, and is the first of its kind in Canada. Having the gardens on school grounds boasts a laundry list of benefits ranging from how the garden is interacted with across course subjects through to students having the experience of seeing something they have nurtured come to life (there have been reports of some kids wrestling over broccoli).

FARMACIE Chef Marika Richoz product testing some veggies from Fresh Roots 'Good Food' Market @ David Thompson Secondary  |    Photo:  Britney Gill Photography 

FARMACIE Chef Marika Richoz product testing some veggies from Fresh Roots 'Good Food' Market @ David Thompson Secondary  |  Photo: Britney Gill Photography 

The crew at Fresh Roots, amidst creating the farms, running the markets and building the programs know, that they are out to grow community through growing food. The gardens connect urban residents to their food, to nature, and in the process, to one another. By being a hub for the community, gardens become vibrant gathering places where neighbours share stories, knowledge and food across cultures and generations. 

Through this, the gardens are not only providing a new source of nourishment and nutrition to those it feeds, but a sustained sense of belonging, welcomeness and connection between the many people that visit its grounds.

Fresh Roots 'Good Food' Market @ David Thompson Secondary  |    Photo:  Britney Gill Photography 

Fresh Roots 'Good Food' Market @ David Thompson Secondary  |  Photo: Britney Gill Photography 

What Fresh Roots is up to can be encapsulated by something that one of our favourite authors, Fritjof Capra, wrote.

“Sustainability, is not an individual property but a property of an entire web of relationships. It always involves a whole community. This is the profound lesson we need to learn from nature. The way to sustain life is to build and nurture community. A sustainable human community interacts with other communities – human and nonhuman – in ways that enable them to live and develop according to their nature.”

The garden at David Thompson Secondary that we will gather in on July 12 has created unimaginable change in the school’s neighbourhood and community. Students take pride in their surroundings; they participate differently in their outdoor classes; educators actively grow their ability to understand the garden so they too can re-inspire their students and activate a new, experiential form of learning in their school year. And, the neighbourhood shows up to create a new sense of connectedness and unity.They’re united by Fresh Roots.

Fresh Roots 'Good Food' Market @ David Thompson Secondary  |    Photo:  Britney Gill Photography 

Fresh Roots 'Good Food' Market @ David Thompson Secondary  |  Photo: Britney Gill Photography 

Fresh Roots Schoolyard Market Garden @ David Thompson Secondary   |    Photo:  Britney Gill Photography 

Fresh Roots Schoolyard Market Garden @ David Thompson Secondary   |  Photo: Britney Gill Photography 

Blog Post written by Jessica Robson   |   Visit to learn more

Beyond Nourished Workshop

Last week we attended an awesome workshop put on by Rachelle Giardin of Beyond Nourished. She and her inspiring team of holistic nutrition angels guided us through a workshop centred around 'How to Gracefully Spring into Summer'. 

At FARMACIE, we are  driven by creating nutritious meals that not only taste amazing but satiate you in a holistic way. We are now convinced that a Vitamix + a heavy duty food processor are necessities in your health toolbox but that the most important commitment you can make to healthy eating is having a fully stocked pantry! Some essentials to always have on hand are: nutritional yeast, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, gluten free flour, coconut oil and cacao (for those ravenous chocolate cravings)!

The girls of Beyond Nourished  took us through a night of nutritious eating, recipe by recipe --- the experience was so tasty. Our favourite tip of the evening comes from Jen Northrup; she taught us that massaging your kale will break down the toughness and bitterness of the plant and make it easier to digest! AMEN! Learn more on massaging your kale here.

Luckily you will have the opportunity to learn some of these amazing recipes as well as Rachelle is about to take her company to another level! They are planning to create a DIY interactive web platform that allows you to curate YOUR very own recipe book! This will launch over the next few weeks so sign up for their newsletter for all BN notifications! 


FARMACIE 2.0: Food Feature

We are nourished in our hearts and in our bellies. FARMACIE 2.0 was such a great success and we are so happy to have fed over 100 people this time around! There are some amazing details about our dinner that were too long to share at the event but now is the time!

First of all, we would like to shout out a HUGE thank you to both of our chefs, Trevor Bird of Fable Kitchen and Marika Richoz. Your food was the talk of the evening and our guests left with the tastiest of memories! We are so happy to support chefs in our city that are up to SO good. They were forced to be super resilient, having to adapt both to a small kitchen space as well as to last minute food donations -- they impressed, nonetheless, and even had some time to network after the food service! Love you guys :) 

Secondly, we would like to thank Spud + Sustainable Seas for their support at FARMACIE 2.0. Both of these local companies, reached out to us and we are so thankful they did. All of the produce served at our dinner was locally sourced and provided by Spud Urban Delivery, their community involvement has never ceased to impress and we can't wait to brainstorm on some more passion products together. Check out this blog post to learn more about their amazing programs.

sustainable seas logo.png

And then there was fish...Sustainable Seas is a fishing company four generations deep that practices sustainable harvesting techniques in the natural cold waters of British Columbia. Harvested personally by Sustainable Seas fishers, they select only the finest crab and fish sought after by epicureans in North America. 

What's amazing is that the fish that you consumed at FARMACIE 2.0, keta salmon fillets, is fully traceable through an Ecotrust program called ThisFish. Traceability is becoming a big trend in the way that we eat and we are happy to see this extend to food from our oceans. The future goal of their program is to provide traceability and education from sea to table, you can visit their website and input this catch code: t460467 to find out exactly where your fish came from on Friday -- Amazing!

Here is the full version of our Menu, can't wait to see you all at FARMACIE 3.0! Sign up here to stay posted (no spam included).

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