Nourishing Connections

A community of food aware citizens coming together to inspire change in both our local and global communities.

Feed Your Skin Workshop

Self care, self love, self promotion, self devotion to enhance stronger communities.

FARMACIE is excited to share our photos from very first #FEEDYOURSKIN workshop we hosted on May 10th at Eastwood Cycle . The intention was to bring awareness to the dangers of some conventional products and the chemicals they contain. 

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FARMACIE 4.0 | Woodlot Love

They light up our longtables, our homes and our hearts. A longtime friend and contributor to the FARMACIE dinners, we're endlessly thrilled to have Woodlot back on board for 4.0. Their goods are covetable and they're insanely amazing at showing up in every regard as a stand for seeing the Vancouver creative small business community thrive.

We could wax on for we'll let the Woodlot crew share a little more about them + what lights them up about connecting through the FARMACIE dinners.


Name: Woodlot

We're in the business of creating minimal ingredient self-care products. our first collection includes scented coconut wax candles. 

What drew you to the Farmacie 4.0 dinner? FARMACIE is made up of such amazing people who we feel share a common interest in connecting people to food. something we appreciate very much, and hope to do with our products. 

How we see our work nourishing connections: it's been wonderful hearing from candle lovers how they are using our products. some will email saying "i've had a rough day, and i came home lit my candle and felt relaxed and a bit more calm". some use it in their at home yoga practice. some are including woodlot in their studios, our recharge candle is popular for that. our goal is to continue creating minimal ingredient self-care products for everyday use. nourishing connections with yourself :)


Drop a hint: what do you have in store for the guests at FARMACIE 4.0? you'll find our candles appearing at the dinner table this farmacie!

Get your down dose of eco-friendly coconut wax candles on the shopwoodlot website and see their creative and production process come to life on our very favorite photo sharing app, Instagram!

The Community That Raised FARMACIE 4.0

Since our first dinner in the summer of 2013, we've seen each dinner grow, transform and evolve in their each unique way. Growth has occurred in the form of interest and engagement, some dinners got big in size (Farmacie 3.0 - like whoa), and others grew in the scope and talent of our volunteers and vendors. Like each dinner seeing it's own form of growth and change, FARMACIE 4.0 has seen an unmistakeable growth all it's own.

It's been the interest, willingness and eagerness of individual contributors, organizations and community initiatives alike who have stepped up in support and partnership that sets this dinner apart. While we are consistently floored by how quickly guests jump to purchase their tickets to attend, our jaws cannot help but hit the floor when we're reached out to or connected with an overwhelming array of people ready to jump in and provide their goods, services, hearts ans souls to make FARMACIE dinners a success.

We're big fans of celebration, so couldn't help but take the opportunity to share our never ending gratitude and a wave of internet high fives to our friends and community partners that have contributed to the event.

Railtown Cafe + Catering: serious salads, sandwiches that make your mouth water like you ain't NEVER known, baked goods that are just too good and, to top all of that off, hearts of gold. Worth standing in line during lunch and by far the best catering option for your next staff function, catered lunch or event, they're a quality driven partner keen to make sure all your needs—taste and community alike—are met.


The Loden Hotel: a boutique hotel located in the heart of Vancouver, the Loden is on the radar of travellers and event hosts alike, offering up an unparalleled staying experience (guest service can't be beat) and beautiful rooms making hosting expansive events—some that take over the entire hotel—a party planner's dream. They're innovative and creative and connected to the city that they call home - which we can't get enough of. 

Matchstick Coffee Roasters: our favorite little coffee shop on Fraser + Kingsway (and in Chinatown too). We've got a heart-on for Matchstick for their commitment to quality, for their love of craft and doing things by hand, and for how they craft sweet spaces that encourage community and bring people in their cafes closer together -- talk about nourishing connections.

VEGA: built to provide complete nutrition (even micro-nutrition) and reduce nutritional stress, Vega takes a stand for whole, complete nutrition and happy, healthy lives. They're a HUGE contributor to community events here in Vancouver and beyond, and have a team of some of the happiest people in the health-biz representing the company. All around: good people serving communities in a really great way.

Harlow Skin Care: made right here in Vancouver, BC, Harlow strips it down to the bare essentials in the natural and organic body care products they create. Being a small business, your interactions take place directly with the CEO + Creative Director, Chrystal, a ladyboss on a mission to expand our awareness and lead to further global consciousness for a sustainable future. Boom.


One Under: an underground golf club in downtown Vancouver, they're setting the scene for what engaging apres-work and weekend nights out look like for the discerning experience junkie (and golf lover alike). From a tightly curated menu and bar offering with the touch of highly regarded chefs and experts to leading technology in golf stimulation and top-notch clubs + paraphernalia, One Under's giving the city a reason to take a swing at something new.

One Yoga for the People: a community of sweet humans out to get more people onto their mats and into their bodies, the team at One Yoga (in Gastown on Hastings b/w Abbott + Cambie) make yoga accessible—and super sweaty—and generously contribute to community initiatives that bring people together around elevating conversations and that make the city even just a touch sweeter.

Movement 108: it's small, and it's mighty. Focusing on intentional body movement and getting clients through workouts that activate muscles they didn't know they had, Movement 108 is a group of four trainers coaching a killer community of urban warriors (read: clients) and getting stronger with every kettlebell swing. Check them out and roll by their shared community space for a smoothie or fresh Juice Truck juice; it's really all about bringing people together to sweat and connect.

Escents: an aromatherapy company built and bred right here in Vancouver, it's mission is to bring the healing powers of essential oils to our day to day lives. With an extensive product line to support an array of physical needs and ailments, the homegrown company is now a thriving international brand that's committed to operating to support and nurture our planet - the root and source of the oils that lay the foundation of their products.

RIDE Cycle Club: steaming up their Yaletown studio since 2013, this boutique indoor cycling spot boasts a seriously bada$$ team of teachers and plays some of the best music to support you on on heck of a sweaty ride. They're still new to the scene yet are a huge hit and all the chatter amongst endorphine seekers with a real taste for killer tunes. Find yourself in the saddle with them - first RIDE is free.


We've got even more great partners who have contributed to the night and we'll be celebrating them thorughout the night both with our guests and through our social media. Follow us at @farmacie4u on Instagram and check out the hashtag #nourishingconnections to see who else showed up for us and helped make the 4.0 grow.

FARMACIE 4.0 | PIES, we've got pies!

Name: Tarte Populaire I Tina Lau

I'm in the business of: making artisinal pies full of market fruit and locally sourced ingredients. This is a little business that I started in Montreal and continued on when I moved back to Vancouver.

I see food as the 'grand connector' because.. it brings everyone together around the table to share stories and create connections while nourishing the body and soul. As a cook and baker, there is something beautiful and intimate about creating something with your hands and sharing it with others.  

What drew you to contributing to the Farmacie 4.0 dinner? A love for a great dinner party! But also a belief in the importance of empowering individuals with the knowledge and awareness necessary to make informed food choices. 

Drop a hint: what can guests at the upcoming Farmacie dinner expect? My most flavour, this is a pie like you have never tasted before!

FARMACIE 4.0 | Breaking Bread with Terra Breads

It's THE reason people come together: to break bread. The foundation of how so many amazing meals start, the bread is the foundation - the base the rest of the meal builds on. 

Our friends at Terra Breads reached out to support FARMACIE 4.0 and to offer up the exact thing that we're coming together to do: to let us break their bread (and don't you worry - we've got butter for ya too).


Name: Terra Breads

They're in the business of 'sharing the common language of good food...within families, between friends and across communities'.

They're fit for FARMACIE because supporting others in the community is at the top of their 'To Do' list and authentic artisan baking (is your mouth watering?) is kind of their thing.

Nourishing connections happens naturally for them in their bakeries and cafes with a sweet staff that's engaging and welcoming and with the fact that Terra Breads is in the business of laying the foundation of a meal with beautiful breads (and tasty treats) that people come together over.

Guests at FARMACIE 4.0 can look forward to kicking off their meal with Terra Breads - and if you're looking to get in on the goods and can't make it to dinner, get some of their goods at one of their four bakery and cafe locations in Vancouver or find their goods in grocery stores around the city (the granola.....just get it).


FARMACIE 4.0 | The Eye Behind The Lens - Alison Page

We can't help but look back on past dinners and swoon over memories made. And, our swoon-ing wouldn't be half as fun if we didn't have the amazing eye of some of Vancouver's most talented snap=happy photography pros bringing their skills to each dinner. 

We're thrilled to have the lovely Alison Page shooting our 4.0 dinner - and wanted to give you a chance to get to know her before the dinner comes to life through her lens.


Name: Alison Page

My biz: I'm a freelance photographer who grew up on the Prairies, but the ocean was always calling my name.  I finally made the move West for graduate school, my background and education is in Marine Biology, but my academic studies never fulfilled my creative passion for the natural world.  I love to shoot anything from food, beer, friends to the natural world and Vancouver is the perfect playground for me!

What drew you to the Farmacie 4.0 dinner? I first met Britney [Gill - co-founder of FARMACIE] at the 1st instalment of Kinfolk Dinners held at West Elm Market Granville hosted by Victory Gardens celebrating the release of "The Kinfolk Table" Cookbook.  Thankfully, I sat right next to Britney and that was the beginning! I was fortunate enough to attend 2.0, feasted in the beautiful summer sun and donated some photos for 3.0 and I am excited to see what is in store for 4.0!! I've met and connected with so many lovely local creatives through these dinners, I can't wait to see who I meet the next event!

My work nourishes connections by sharing images and stories of how food is lovingly grown, collected, prepared, shared and enjoyed!  From the gardens, kitchens and dishes themselves to the photos of the growers and chefs themselves, it inspires me to keep meeting and eating local!

Drop a hint: what do you have in store for the guests at Farmacie 4.0? I hope I can capture you all enjoying a plate of amazing food, laughing with friends, new and old!  My favourite part of being a photographer is capturing someone's reaction to amazing food and making memories at the table.

See more of Alison's work on her website or check out her Instagram account @alisonmpage -  it's dreamy.

FARMACIE 4.0 | Warming Up to Kits Kitchen

It takes a community to raise a Farmacie dinner - and it takes multiple courses to build the menu. When the temperatures drop around our winter dinners, we scope out the hottest  ways to warm our guests up to their meal: soup (pardon the pun).

With business kicking off here in Vancouver, and with their commitment to locally sourced produce as the root of the biz, Kits Kitchen was the perfect partner to bring the heat to the beginning of the meal. Get to know a little more about this local start-up making moves on the soup scene.

Name: Kits Kitchen (we’re Joni + Amy)

We’re in the business of: making healthy, seasonal soups from ingredients sourced locally (BC). Our soups are sold in select retail locations as well as on our soup store online.

What drew you to contributing to the Farmacie 4.0 dinner? We’ve known about Farmacie since it launched, especially because there was a lot of awareness around it at lululemon. We were able to attend last year and LOVED it, we had so much fun. We love the community feel and the like-mindedness of the attendees. We find Farmacie really aligns with our beliefs and brand!


Our work nourishes connections by....Our whole mantra is to support local by sourcing local. We nourish connections between farms, our soup lovers, and our community by doing this.

Drop a hint: what do you have in store for the guests at Farmacie 4.0? We’re contributing a couple of our creations. One will be served as a welcome drink to the party and one will be an appie. Think…infused flavours :)

Get to know more about Kits Kitchen  and get social with them on Instagram (they love it as much as we do).