Nourishing Connections

A community of food aware citizens coming together to inspire change in both our local and global communities.

connect. COMMUNE. collaborate.

When we started brainstorming what it could look like to fuse our respective interests, we were quick to discover the scope of like minded individuals and organizations already at work in our own backyard. We wanted our website and events to serve as hubs connecting people over good food and conversation. Our goal is to increase a sense of awareness and community that inspires responsibility and collaboration -- all of our community partners share these qualities and then some! This page is a celebration of the work and the organizations that we have donated to so far...


FARMACIE 4.0    ||


In reaching out to our community of social impact based small businesses for recommendations on who we should partner with as our giving partner for our fourth dinner, we came across the Living Oceans Society. They are an organization that pushes for greater ocean conservation locally and across Canada, and have the core belief that ecological conservation will support healthy coastal communities.

Something that we love about Living Oceans is their dedication to connecting communities to their local fisheries. They recently partnered with Skipper Otto’s—a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) that connects consumers to local independent small-scale harvesters using low-impact fishing methods for wild sea life—here in Vancouver and hope to expand that partnership into further collaborations and workshops  where local citizens from diverse backgrounds will get hands-on skills training on how to clean, fillet, prepare and store local seafoods.

FARMACIE 3.0    ||

FRESH ROOTS URBAN FARM SOCIETY | Growing Food. Growing Communities.

Come and consume with us this summer at one of Fresh Roots Schoolyard Market Gardens for the third instalment of the FARMACIE long table dinner series. As per usual, 100% of proceeds from this evening will be donated to Fresh Roots. Fresh Roots transforms open spaces into thriving neighbourhood gathering places through urban agriculture. More than growing a garden, they grow communities. Their schoolyard market gardens are working farms and living classrooms on school grounds. All fresh produce is sold directly back into the community; and the gardens become vibrant hub where neighbours share stories, knowledge and food across cultures and generations. These are commercially productive educational market gardens on school land. The food grown goes into school cafeterias, neighbourhood house food security initiatives, our Good Food Markets, and a weekly veggie box program for East Vancouver families.

FARMACIE 2.0    ||  

QUEST FOOD EXCHANGE | Food Programs to Reduce Hunger with Dignity

Quest is British Columbia’s largest not-for-profit food exchange program. It offers access to affordable and healthy food options for those facing barriers to fulfilling basic subsistence needs. Quest's partnership with food suppliers, social service agencies, and community stakeholders, has fine-tuned its social enterprise model to become a hub of food redistribution in the Lower Mainland. Their programs are recognized as crucial tool to support marginalized individuals as they transition themselves towards self-sufficiency.

BACKPACK BUDDIES | Because hunger doesn't take the weekend off

Many students in Vancouver’s inner city schools who rely heavily on free or reduced-priced lunches during the school week go home to meagre or no meals on the weekends. Meals deprived of essential nutrients put these youth at risk of serious health and learning complications.

FARMACIE 1.0    ||    


imagine1day is a Vancouver based, non-profit organization rooted in partnership, one fueled by a mutual promise to develop world leaders. To fulfill on this goal, imagine1day stepped outside of traditional charitable giving models, inviting people to dig deep and connect to their personal greatness. Overtime, this process coined a new word: Creat ribution™. Creatribution™ has taken the form of cross country marathons, live-art shows, fitness events – the list of creative ventures is truly unique and always growing.

Creatribution™ – broken down, a Creatribution™ is your CREATIVE CONTRIBUTION.

To understand it, ask yourself three questions: What are you best at? What could you excel at given the right conditions? What are you most passionate about? imagine1day works with you to answer these questions through which you are able to discover how you can make your mark on the world.